There have been, in Australia, the following Jamborees:

1934               1st Australian Pan-Pacific Jamboree at Frankston, Victoria - which B.P. attended

1938               2nd Australian Jamboree at Bradfield, NSW.

1948               3rd Australian/Pan-Pacific Jamboree at Wonga Park, Victoria.

1952               4th Australian/Pan-Pacific Jamboree at Greystanes, NSW.

1955/56          5th Australian/Pan-Pacific Jamboree at Clifford Garden, Victoria.

1960/61          6th Australian Jamboree at Landsdowne, NSW.

1964/65          7th Australian Jamboree at Dandenong, Victoria.

1967/68          8th Australian Jamboree at Jindalee, Queensland.

                      Attended by Ashley Knights, Michael Powell and Trevor Smith.

1970/71          9th Australian Jamboree at Sydney, NSW.

1973/74          10th Australian Jamboree at Woodhouse, South Australia.

1976/77          11th Australian Jamboree at Dandenong, Victoria.

Attended by:

David Cornford

Scott Langtry

Craig Thomas

Graham Davies

Graham Morris

Jonathan Walker

Glen Langtry

Trevor Spinks


1979/80          12th Australian Jamboree at Perth, Western Australia.

1982/83          13th Australian Jamboree at Ipswich, Queensland.

Attended by 23 Scouts from Turi Troop and Kai Kai Troop together with 3 Leaders.

Eugene Duff remembers the plumbing at this Jamboree consisted of large PVC pipes with taps fitted along the pipe. The water pressure was very high. One afternoon, whilst showering and he was all covered in soap suds, one of the taps blew out of the pipes. In the quarter of an hour it took to fix the tap, half the camp had come to look at the white Santa.

Prior to the 14th Australian Jamboree at Cataract Scout Park, NSW it was decided to try out some new ideas from lessons learned at the 13th Australian Jamboree. However due to general apathy the camp fell apart. North Metropolitan Area decided to go ahead in a modified form at Nords Wharf. There were 120 boys in 4 Troops with about 90 Leaders hell bent on making the camp a success - and it was. Every boy had a turn at every activity and the obstacle course was a credit to the Venturers who made it.

1985/86          14th Australian Jamboree at Cataract Scout Park, NSW.

Among the Scouts who attended were the following:

Adam Bolton

Arian Keizer

Derek Youdale

Chris Huntley

Stuart Lowe


Darrel Iles

Warren Scott


The Leaders were:

Dean Bassett

Les Roberts


Brian Engert

Chris Wight


At this camp it was decided to have a rest day half way through the Jamboree, so all the Scouts would recuperate, clean up and write a letter home. The Troop adjacent to Kai Kai became bored and dug a mud-wrestling pit in the nature strip between the sub-camps. What followed is best described as a riot. About 200 Scouts attracted by the noise came running through camp lines, through fences etc. Even darkness didn't slow them down - they gathered torches to light the area. Eventually the fighting was stopped and it was apparently reported in the Jamboree newspaper as "an example of Scouts using their initiative."

1987/88          16th World Jamboree at Cataract Scout Park, NSW, attended by:

Darrell Iles

Stewart Lowe

Simon Keizer

Warren Scott

Derek Youdale


1989/90          15th Australian Jamboree at Woodhouse, South Australia.

1991/92          16th Australian Jamboree at Ballarat, Victoria

                      The following Scouts attended:

Todd Alcock

Adrian Cronin

Steven Mason

Douglas Anderson

Ryan Edwards

Craig Morison

Gavin Anderson

David Engert

Keith Nelson

James Anderson

Michael Fermin

Timothy Ringrose

Anthony Boyle

Adrian Gins

Warren Sands

Graham Brill

Michael Hanson

Kyal Schubert

Daniel Bryant

Ben Hunter

Roderick Smith

Stephen Bunyan

Luke Hunter

Glen Stewart

Matthew Catchpole

Glen Ives

Matthew Whitfield

Daniel Cheetham

Nathan Kirkpatrick

Jonathan Woods

Ben Cole

Michael Lawson


1994/95          17th Australian Jamboree will be held at Perth, Western Australia from 30 December 1994 until 8th January 1995.

                     The following 29 Scouts have nominated to go to the 17th Australian Jamboree:


Kai Kai Troop


Peter Anderson

Cameron Forsyth

Dennis Roberts

Christopher Boyle

Robin Gregory

Michael Roberts

Christopher Brown

Peter Kestel

Peter Shirley

Andrew Cole

Nathan Lowery

Luke Simmonds

Jason Davey

Layne Mitchell

Mark Sistrom

Benjamin Dreyer

Shane Morgan

David Steptoe



Turi Troop


Benjamin Austen

Phillip Crompton

Mark Sterck

Christopher Bamford

Daniel Kemp

Michael Tavares

Stuart Clark

Christopher Olroyd

Brock Tomson

Simon Cosier

Roderick Smith





Sue Bamford

Les Brown

Gordon Forsyth

Dean Bassett

Barry Cole